• Needs and fees for E Tourist Visa India are liable to modify without any prior notice. Fee charges of may comprise, but are not restricted to, Indian Embassy Fees and similar charges of the particular embassy. We are not responsible for any sort of delay or loss due to such changes.
  • The fee of E Tourist Visa (eTV) fee is around USD 147 per passenger comprising interchange charge for debit or credit cards. The fee should be settled down before the expected date of travel submitted by you or else application will not be work out. Emergency E Tourist visa Fee is around USD 275 per passenger excluding interchange charge for debit or credit cards.
  • Applicant/Applicants are requested to fill in the Visa Application Form accurately and completely along with the applicable visa fees and other requirements.
  • Consider the fact that Visa fees are 100% non-refundable. Rejected, Accepted, or Delayed of the visa application varies on the choice of the Government Immigrations department. Possibly, your application may not be approved by the authorities and even they will not provide any reason.
  • The aspirant person should fill the Visa Application Form correctly and submit the same with the applicable visa fees and stated needs.